Mrs. Thomas's Classroom

Mrs. Thomas's Classroom



PowerSchool information has been sent home with students. This will inform you of how you can log in and view your child's academic progress throughout the year. 

Weekly Lesson Plans

What we are learning:
Leader in Me: The 7 Habits and we will be putting together our binders for parents to see at conferences!
Reading/Language Arts: We are working on adding to our Word Wall. We are also working on individual sight words!
Math: In math we have been working on counting by 5s, 10s, and 2s. We are going to be working on graphing and measuring this week.
Science: We have moved from mammals to reptiles! Ask your students about my Russian Tortoises.
Social Studies: We discussed the areas of the world where reptiles and mammals live. Next week we will talk more about reptiles and the regions they live.

Classroom Rules

1. Listen when someone is talking.
2. Follow directions the first time they are given. 
3. Treat everyone with kindness and respect.
4. Take care of our school and classroom.
5. Work and play safely and quietly.
Students who follow these classroom rules will be able to take part in monthly rewards! This is a positive incentive to reward students for being their best. To be able to participate, students must remain on green or blue on our class behavior chart. You can reference your child's behavior chart on the daily behavior calendar. Please review it daily to see how your child's day went. 

About Me

Hello! I am so happy to have joined the staff here at Mohawk Elementary School! 
I am in my sixth year of teaching, previously teaching at St. Joseph in Crestline and Marie English School for Students with Disabilities in Marion, Ohio. I have a passion for all students, and especially those with special needs. I am a special needs sister and it was inevitable that I take on teaching in the field of special education. It is definitely where my heart is!
I have a husband at home along with five kids. My oldest daughter is in college, the two youngest in the 8th grade, with two more in high school.  We spend most of our time on the softball field or wherever else they are playing sports. I have two fur babies, pit bulls named Rebel and Diamond, and two Russian tortoises, Mishka, and Babishka. The tortoises will be visiting the classroom this year!
I graduated from The Ohio State University with my undergraduate degrees in Early Childhood Education and Psychology in 2011. I then received my Master of Education from OSU in 2012. I went of to take classes at the University of Findlay and received certification as an Intervention Specialist in 2016.  
I am thankful for the opportunity to teach your children this year alongside the wonderful aides in the classroom! 
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