Digital Academy

Mohawk Digital Academy
The Mohawk digital academy has been created to provide opportunities to learn in a virtual environment.  
The digital academy has two primary purposes.  
  • Provide flexible scheduling for students enrolled in college courses and those students who attend sentinel career center.  
  • Provide opportunity for credit recovery.  
Paul Dunn
Conference Time: 12:48 - 1:30

Digital Academy Course Offering

Foundational Math (.5 Credit) Topics cover simple addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, operations applications with fractions, ratios, measurement.

Consumer Math (.5 Credit) Topics cover basic math review, purchasing, finance, economics, wages, income tax, large purchases, interest and credit.

Advanced Writing Process (.5 Credit) Topics cover writing skill development for research papers, presentations, resource citation, essay writing.

Intermediate Writing Process (.5 Credit) Topics cover use of the internet in research, thesis development, differentiating research from opinion, creating a research plan, evaluating information.

Basic Skills For The Real World (.5 Credit) Topics cover work place behaviors that result in promotion, problem solving, exhibiting grace under pressure and making solid choices.

Geography (.5 Credit) Topics cover the physical and human geography of North America, Europe/Asia and Oceania.

Business Basics (.5 Credit) Topics cover profit generation, businesslike behavior, how to perform as an asset, problem solving in the market place.

Art History/Appreciation (.5 Credit) Topics cover the art and architecture from ancient Greece and Rome through the 20th century.

Earth and Space Science A (.5 Credit) Topics cover the energetic Earth, Rocks/ Soil, the Earth’s features.

Earth and Space Science B (.5 Credit) Topics cover water, volcanoes and earthquakes.

Technology Fundamentals (.5 Credit) Topics cover energy in systems, mechanical systems, electricity, heat exchange and fluid systems.

US Government A (.5 Credit) Topics covered are the US Constitution, the branches of the Federal government, elections/voting, the media, local/state/tribal government.

Civics B (.5 Credit) Topics covered are the individual’s role in society and citizenship.

Pre-Calculus A (.5 Credit) Topics covered are inequalities, graphing, functions, trigonometric functions, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions.

Pre-Calculus B (.5 Credit) Topics covered are trigonometric applications, matrices, and analytic geometry.

Probability and Statistics (1 Credit) Topics covered are interpreting and relating data, independent and conditional probability, applying probability, using probability to make decisions.

Social Issues (.5 Credit) Topics covered include media in America, the government, racism, crime, gun control, women’s rights, education.

Career Explorations (.5 Credit) Topics covered personal traits and interests, career clusters, required

skills/aptitudes, using career guides, career pathways.

Personal Finance (.5 Credit) Topics covered are basic economics, work income and careers, saving money, making a budget, shopping, advertising, consumer rights .

Workplace Writing (.5 Credit) Topics covered writing reports, notes, memos, filling out requisitions.

Communication Skills (.5 Credit) Topics covered are interpersonal skills, group settings and presentations.

Job Skills For The Real World (.5 Credit) Topics covered are job preferences, job search skills, researching job requirements.

Data Skills For Today (.5 Credit) Topics covered are creating and reading charts and graphs to represent data in presentations.

About Mr. Dunn
Hello!  I am entering my 4th year of teaching and 2nd year BACK at Mohawk High School.  I was fortunate enough to graduate from MHS in 2007 before heading to Mount Union University for college.  I played football while attending Mount until injuring myself and decided to transfer back to Heidelberg University.  While at Heidelberg I majored in History while playing football for 3 years and basketball for 1 year.  I graduated from Heidelberg with a bachelor's degree in History in 2012.  After graduation I decided to enter the workforce, I began work, the day after graduation at Webster Industries and I worked there for 15 months until August of 2013.  In the fall of 2013 I decided to head back to school to obtain my education degree from the University of Findlay, I completed that degree in the Summer of 2014.  Following my graduation I was offered my first teaching job at Arcadia High School where I taught 7-12 Social Studies while also coaching basketball my first year.  In my second year at AHS I took on the roll of Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach.  Throughout my coaching career I have coached football at Heidelberg and Columbian High School, basketball at Old Fort and Arcadia and I coached baseball at Mohawk for 2 years.  
I currently live east of Tiffin in my grandfathers old house and I am busy fixing it up any chance I get.  I love golfing and going to sporting events, I sadly also am a Browns season ticket holder so any wishful thoughts on Sunday afternoons for them are greatly appreciated!   
I am excited to be back at a place like Mohawk that I love so much and I am excited to be able to work with the students and staff this school year! 
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