Josh Fortney

12/14 - 12/18

Remote Learning- iReady work 20 minutes in each subject everyday, work in black folders and work, videos, and meeting in Seesaw.

ELA/Reading- We will be working on reviewing the short -a words families and be taking the assessment over the families on Tuesday. The class will also be looking at and discussing characters, setting, and beginning, middle, and end of stories. 
Writing- We will December Journals and writing short -a words. 

Math-  The class will work on gingerbread and Christmas subtraction, counting, and teen number review activities.  

Science/Social Studies- The class will continue looking at maps, directions, and cardinal directions. 
Josh Fortney
Mohawk School
605 State Highway 231
Sycamore, Ohio 44882
(419) 927-2595 ext.4126
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Alphabet/Sounds- Aa-Zz
Shapes- Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon 
Numbers- 0-20
Addition- +0 and +1
September Sight words: 
a, I, the red, blue, we, see, can 
October Sight Words
it, and, go, stop, to, like, yellow, green
November Sight Words:
do, you, off, are, my, on, orange, purple
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