Josh Fortney

3/25- 3/29
Language Arts/Reading- The class will be discussing the short -o, -og word chunk/family. We will be looking at the words dog, log, hog, jog, zog, fog, frog etc... The class will continue working on the March sight words and take the March Reading and Sight words Assessment over the March word list at the end of the week. The words on the list are one, two, three, this, what, up, love, me, help, and down. 
Math- We will continue reviewing the numbers 0-20. We will continue build our number sense and will compose/decompose what each the number means using many strategies: 10 frame, number line, one more, one less etc.... The class will also continue discussing addition with the numbers  0-10 and subtraction within 10. We will be using addition and subtraction vocabulary words such as count, quantity, compare, combine, add, difference, subtract, and minus when working on addition so feel free to discuss these words with your child at home. 
The class will focus on time and start looking at measurement this week. We will be looking at the weeks, months of the year and time. When looking at measurement, the class will discuss length, height, weight and capacity.  
Writing- The class will continue to work on writing their names, writing letters of the alphabet, short -o word family/chunk words, March Journals, and numbers 0-20. 
Science/Social Studies- The class will spend this week reviewing the LIM Habits. We will also discuss frogs and the life cycle of frogs. The class will be using the words croak, gills, habitat, and poison.
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Aa-Zz Recognition/Sounds Flashcards
Counting- 1-20, for the WIGS Counting to 100 by 1's and 10's
Number Recognition- 0-20, for the WIGS Number Recognition 0-20
Basic Shapes- Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon
3D Shapes-  Cone, Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, Rectangle Prism, Pyramid
Basic Colors- Red, Orange, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, White
September Sight Words- I, can, the, we, see, a, red, blue
October Sight Words- like, and, stop, it, go, to, green, yellow  
November Sight words- off, my, are, on, you do, orange, purple 
Decemember Sight Words- big, little, he, she, with, is, , black, brown 
January Sight Words-  no, over, under, have, of, yes, was, for 
February-  want, here, they, said, make, in, mom, dad, away, out 
March-  one, two, three, this, what, up, love, me, help, down
Spelling- Short -i, -ip, -ig, and -it word family/chunk
 Class List:
Caroline Garvin
Lauren Hemminger
Kinsley McClain
Savannah McGrew
Abigail Messersmith
Charity Rodriguez
Ori Simmons
Laylah Ward
Addilynne Wilkins
Caliber Valentine 
Keaton Barth
Jethro Bertsch
Bentley Brause
Ryker Burns
Elijah Kirgis
Eli Kutscher
Adam Mahaffey
Kannon Shearer
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