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Josh Fortney

9/28 - 10/2
ELA- We will focus on letters Gg and Hh. We will learn what they look like, sound like and how to write them. We also continue to do daily lessons on Phonemic Awareness as well. The class will also continue to work with our sight words: this week; as well as, beginning reading skills: how to hold a book, reading left to right, counting words/letters, etc. 
Writing- We will work on writing our name properly and start working on the letters of the alphabet, letter Gg-Hh. 

Math- We will wrap up shapes. We will also introduce numbers 7-10 at this time. We build our number sense and will compose/decompose what exactly each the number means using many strategies: 10 frame, number line, etc... 

Science/Social Studies- Science and social studies will tie into our alphabet theme, and Leader In Me: Be Proactive as well as sorting and classifying. 


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Alphabet- Aa-Zz
Shapes- Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon 
Numbers- 0-5
September Sight words: 
a, I, the redblue, we, see, can 
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