Brett Graham

Mr. Graham

I want to personally welcome you to my site and back to school now that summer is over.  It is an exciting time to be a scientist, and a great time to study the sciences here at Mohawk. Over the last few years, research has provided profound insight into the very mechanisms of our natural world that have contributed to our understanding of every aspect of the world around us.  Whether new research in biological sciences that ulock the code for genetic abnormalities, or the keys of atomic structure that apply nano technology to everyday life, this evolving body of evidence will have proufound impacts on humanity.  The current rate of scientific discovery in our world grows exponentially and is unprecedented. Being an informed citizen who understands the implication of technology (the application of science) leads the next generation to a new set of scientific questions and issues to tackle.  My personal goal is to inspire more MHS students to be excited about science and maybe become the next generation of scientists and researchers.  

I use Google Classroom as a resource and central hub for my students to access resources and classroom tools. Please click on the link appropriate to the class that you are taking here at Mohawk.  As a student, you will need an invitation code and your school gmail account.
You may contact me via email at

Other useful online documents can be found on the google classroom.

I hope you enjoy a variety of pictures.

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