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 Dear sixth grade parents, guardians, and students:

Below you will find a link to our school-wide hub. This is where you will find resources, assignments, and information for grades K-6. You will find learning opportunities that we have created together. 

We will be mainly communicating with students through Google Classroom and that is where they will find all of the resources that we have put together as well.  

Below is a sample schedule of how your day could be structured to help you keep on track with your learning opportunities. Feel free to make adjustments

Sample Daily Schedule
Sample Daily Schedule



8am - 9am

Wake up, make your bed, eat breakfast and get ready for an awesome day! And yes, change out of PJs :)

9am - 9:40am

Let’s start strong with some serious brain training. Remember your brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets! Choose math or ELA.

Math Ideas: iReady, Kahn, Freckle, Prodigy. ELA ideas: iReady, Think Central, Edulastic lessons, workbook page (if you took one), etc.

9:40am - 10am

Go for walk/run. Youtube JustDance/workouts if weather is bad. Maybe 15 minutes of Yoga with Adrien?

10am - 11am

Reading time. Here is a list of good books for grades 6-8:

Here is another list.

11am - 11:20am

Break. Walk/run outside if possible. 

Math Ideas: iReady, Kahn, Freckle, Prodigy, see Google Classroom.

ELA ideas: iReady, Think Central, Edulastic lessons, workbook page (if you took one), see Google Classroom for specifics, etc.

11:20am - 12pm

ELA or Math (whichever you didn’t do this morning)

12pm - 1pm

Lunch - Listen to an educational podcast! Try RadioLab If you like science, Forever Ago if you like history, or Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls if you like biographies

1pm - 2pm

Science and social studies. See Google Classroom for specifics.




Enrichment: research something that interests you, or continue a lesson/activity you liked from earlier in the day.


relax, go outside, work on passions, time with family.


Lights out, time to sleep!

Searfoss: Ch. 7 Khan Due 3/16
Orians/Price: Ch. 9 Khan Due 3/11


Weekly Agenda 

Important Links
About Me
My name is John Searfoss and this is my 4th year teaching at Mohawk. I teach 6th grade Mathematics and coach JV Softball.  Prior to this I taught 8th grade Algebra 1 and Digital Academy for the JH/HS at Mohawk. 
My hometown is Upper Sandusky, where I graduated from Upper Sandusky High School. Upon graduating I went on to continue my education at The Ohio State University. While there I earned both my bachelors and masters degrees in middle childhood education, with a focus in social studies and math.
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