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Shelly Coffman

Mrs. Coffman
Grade 5 Math

Week of 9/14-9/18
This week students will continue learning about place value and multiply numbers by powers of ten.  Students will take a quiz over lesson 1 on Wednesday.  We have been learning 3 math facts daily and I hope students are asking you to practice with them in the evenings.  The first math fact quiz will be on Thursday over day 1-5 facts.   
 due Monday:  Get Warrior Card signed
                         I Ready 
Monday:   study math facts day 1-4
                 I Ready
Tuesday:   study math facts day 1-5
                  quiz over lesson 1 
                  I Ready
Wednesday:  study math facts day 1-5 for quiz
                      I Ready 

Thursday:   study math facts day 1-6
                   I Ready  
Friday:    study math facts day 1-7
              get Warrior Card signed 
              I Ready
 I-Ready:     This week students will need to complete 60 minutes and pass 2 lessons                                                                                       

Please feel free to contact me by email at or at school by phone at 419-927-6222 ext. 1230
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