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Hi! My name is Mrs. Heidi Fortney, welcome to my Kindergarten webpage! This is the place where I will keep you informed on what's happening in my classroom at Mohawk Elementary School. I will have lesson plans, newsletters, homework and pics updated weekly for you. Please check back soon for information for the 2018-2019 school year! I have also made a Facebook page with my husband called: Mr. & Mrs. Fortney's Mohawk Kindergarten to keep you informed. Please like and follow!

 Lesson Plans/ I Can Targets:  For the Week of March 25:  

=       Language Arts: We will review the word families -at,-an, -ap, -en, -ed, -et, -it, ig, -ip and -ot. We will add the -short o family -og word family/chunk. this week in class.

o   I can identify the short vowel sounds.

o   I can identify initial sounds.

o   I can identify ending sounds.

o   I can produce rhyming words.

o   I can blend and or segment onsets and rimes of single syllable spoken words.

o   I can isolate and pronounce CVC words, to: recognizing the initial sound medial vowel and final sounds.

o   I can add individual sounds in simple one syllable words to make new words.

o   I can substitute individual sounds in simple one

=       Writing: Practice writing letters A-Z and first name practice, short i word families, numbers 11-20

o   I can print many uppercase and lowercase letters.

o   I can print numbers 0-20.


=       Math: We will begin our next unit on measurement
  • I can identify units of time and compare calendar elements.
  • I can compare and order objects of different lengths, areas, weights and capacities, and use relative terms (longer, shorter, bigger, smaller).
  • I can measure length and volume using objects in the environment (paper clips, beans).
  • I can put events in order based on time.

=       Social Studies: We will work on Leader In Me lessons and review all 7 habits. We will also discuss time and personal history (timeline).

o   I can share my personal history through stories and pictures.

o   I can measure time.

=       Science:  Investigations and Observations- We will learn about weather and changes over time.

o   I can observe, explore, describe, and/or compare how wind, temperature and precipitation can be used to document short-term weather changes that are observable

o   I can observe, explore, describe, and/or compare how yearly weather changes (seasons) are observable patterns in the daily weather changes

o   I can observe and ask questions.

o   I can classify objects into groups based on different observations.

=       Reading: Centers/Guided Reading Books-  Sent home weekly in S.O.S. Binder

o   I can use basic text features to help me read.

o   I can read common high-frequency words. n(read left to right, read top to bottom, spaces between words). We will have our end of the month test on Friday.

=       Sight Words:

o   List 1/September: we, can, a, see, the, we, red, blue

o   List 2/October: l like, to, and, go, stop, it, yellow, green

o   List 3/November: are, do, my, off, on, orange, purple, you                                                             

o   List 4/December: black, big, brown, he, is, little, she, with

o   List 5/January this week: was, for, have, of, yes, no, over, under

o   List 6/February: they, said, want, here, mom, dad, out, in, make, away 

List 7/March: me, this, what, help, up, down, love, one, two, three 

Contact Info:

Teacher: Mrs. Heidi Fortney

Mohawk Local Schools

605 South State Highway 231
Sycamore, OH 44882

Phone: 419.927.2595 ext. 1124

Email: heidi.fortney@mohawklocal.org

Fun Facts About Mrs. Fortney:

· 18th year with Mohawk Schools and all of them have been in Kindergarten!

· Earned both Bachelor's/ Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Heidelberg University

· Outside of school enjoys spending time with family & friends, being active, taking pictures and tending to our animals. I love show pigs! 

· I am married to Mr. Fortney (Kindergarten teacher next door that will also work with your child daily and together we have three girls, Allison (14) and Mackenzie (11) and Carly (8).  

· We live on a small farm, have a yellow lab named Jay, raise pigs, cows, chickens, bunnies, barn cats and more to come!



Word Family/Chunks: -at, -an, -ap, -en, -ed, -et, -it, -ig, -ip, -ot, -og

Alphabet: Aa-Zz

Shapes: Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Hexagon, Rhombus, cone, sphere, cylinder, cube

Numbers: 0-20

Addition: 0's, 1's 

Subraction: 0's, 1's 

Count to 50 and beyond by ones and tens

Sight Words: Lists 1-6

Daily Schedule:

We have a rotating schedule each week for specials. Check the newsletter each week for details.

Class List:


Avery      Coffman      

Jolynn      Danner      

Briana      Eingle      

Haleigh      Elliott  

Brantley      Fitch    

James      Hacker

Jude       Holmes

Silas      Keller

Elaina      Kimmet

Owen       King

Chloe      King      

Gemma      Miller 

Ava       Riedel 

Caycee      Schleter   

Lukas      Steyer        

Marissa      Thompson            

Grace       Weaver            


ABC's of Kindergarten:


Educational Links:

ABC Mouse: http://www.abcmouse.com/

(Login info will be sent home--each child has a free account!)

Raz Kids: http://www.raz-kids.com/

(Login info will be sent home--each child has a free account!)

Starfall: http://www.starfall.com/

PBS Kids: http://www.pbskids.org/

ABC YA: http://www.abcya.com/

Fun Brain: http://www.funbrain.com/

Spelling City: https://www.spellingcity.com/

Note: Click find a list and put in my name (Heidi Fortney)!

You will find sight word and word family lists!


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