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Hi parents and guardians- Here are a couple of quick updates.....

We are having a virtual book fair!!  It will take place from November 20th-December 3rd. Go to https;//www.scholastic.com/bf/mohawkschool . Free shipping on orders over $25. 

Our Thanksgiving break is from Nov. 25th- Nov. 30th. Students return on Dec. 1st.

3rd grade will work on a geography review for two days then begin Chapter 6 in their workbooks. The chapters are short so I expect the next few to go fast. 

4th grade Social Studies will continue Chapter 4 where we left off on Lesson 2. We will look at the American Revolution and Ohio's role during that war. We then move onto the Northwest Territory.

 Have a wonderful break! Thanksgiving may be a bit different this year but it's always good to look at the big picture! Hopefully you can enjoy some family, a good meal, and some much needed rest and relaxation!!


 Grade 3 Social Studies- 

Unit 2 Chapter 6 Modifying the Local Community

Vocabulary Words: Grade 3

1. Environment- The surroundings in which people, plants, and animals live.
2. Human Modification- A change to the environment made by humans.
3. Dam- A wall built across a river to hold back water.
4. Fertilizer-Chemical that makes plants grow faster and healthier.
5. Pesticide- Chemical that kills unwanted insects on plants.
6. Herbicide- Chemical that kills unwanted weeds and plants.

Grade 4 Social Studies Unit 2: Early Ohio

Chapter 4: Different Cultures Meet

Lesson 1: Struggle for the Ohio Country 

1. Colony- A place ruled by another country

2. Survey-To measure the area, boundaries, and shape of a piece of land.

3. Fort-A strong building or area that can be defended against enemies.

4. Treaty-A formal agreement between nations.

5. Proclamation-An official public announcement.

6. Squatter- A person who settles on land without permission and without paying for it.

Lesson 2: The American Revolution

1. Boycott- to refuse to buy goods and services.

2. Militia- groups of volunteers who fight only in an emergency.

3. Loyalists- Colonists who did not want to break away from England.

4. Patriots- Colonists who wanted to fight for independence from England. 

 Calendar Events:
11/25-11/30 -Thanksgiving break
12/3 Midterms Qtr 2 (emailed)
12/21-1/3/21 Christmas Break
1/4 Back to school


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