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Mrs. Hall's 3rd &4th Grade
Social Studies Class

 May 20, 2020
 May 20, 2020
Wednesday, April 22-Hi boys and girls! I hope you're having a great Earth Day! By now we know that we will continue all our studies at home instead of returning to our school for the 2019-2020 year. Please continue all your hard work on each subject but also look for opportunities to go beyond our schoolwork for new knowledge, ideas, and projects! Whether it be art, physical activities, or learning a new hobby try new things while we have all this time on our hands. And as always don't forget to help out at home!!
Thursday, April 9- Hi boys and girls! I hope everyone had a great week and that you have a wonderful day off tomorrow for our spring break! Enjoy your Easter weekend see you next week!
Wed. April 1- Hi boys and girls! Hope you're having a great day; I see the sun poking out so maybe it will come out for awhile! I have already put the assignments on the HUB for the next 4 weeks. (Thanks Mr. Clinger!!) Feel free to work ahead if you would like. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!
Friday, MAr. 27- Hi boys and girls! Today I sent an email out to each of you to see how you are doing with your studies. Please feel free to email back and let me know how you are! I hope your getting work done in the morning and having fun the rest of the day. Keep busy so you don't get bored! I'm wishing for warm, beautiful weather everyday! (This weekend it sounds like rain...)   Until next week "Keep Calm and Keep Busy!!" with love from Mrs. HAll
Wed, March 25- Hi boys and girls! Hope everyone is well! I know your working on your studies each day. Reach out to teachers if you have questions, etc. Today the sun is going to shine so I hope your outside enjoying it!! Have a great day!! Let's "Keep calm and enjoy the fresh air!!" With love from Mrs. HAll
Monday, March 23- Hi boys and girls. It's Monday so time to get back to work. Don't forget, if you focus on your studies in the morning then you have the afternoon to play! As you read your social studies remember what we talked about when summarizing what we just read. If you can't tell what the section/paragraph was about then you should reread it. Enjoy your day-today and all week... it is supposed to warm up so that will be nice. I am so very proud of you for working hard on your studies!! Email with questions, etc... until next time..."Keep Calm and Work then Play!!" With love from Mrs. Hall   
Friday,March 20- Hi boys and girls! Wow! We finished one week! (It felt long...) I hope you are moving forward on your studies! Remember everything you need is on the Hub with the link below. After your work today it is the weekend! As you enjoy your weekend don't forget to ask your parents how you can help around the house. Use your Leader in Me skills and habits to make a difference in your home situation!! Until next week... "Keep Calm and Help around the House!!"
Thinking of you with love, Mrs. HAll
Wednesday, March 18- Good morning boys and girls! I hope you had a nice St.Patrick's Day and that you wore green! Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and I hope it brings nice warm weather for all of us. By now you should be starting your studies from school? (I hope.) Please look for lessons on the "Hub" which you can access below. Also for Soc.St.- remember you put your lessons in the front of your Soc. St. binder. Throughout our "Spring Break" please feel free to email me and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Since we are living through a historic, unprecedented event how many of you are making a journal or diary? We are all primary sources and I know you will be telling your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren about the time when you were 9 or 10 and the school was closed for a pandemic. If you are keeping a journal or diary just put down the date and what is happening. It can include events in the world or your house, your thoughts and feelings, etc. Let me know if you are making one. Have a nice couple of days; I will update soon. Remember "Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands"!!  Love and miss you already!! Mrs. Hall
Monday, March 16- Hi Boys and Girls! Wow! Things have changed alot in one week. I will plan on updating my webpage a couple times a week. I hope you're doing well at home with your families. We have a Mohawk Elementary Hub so you can access any lesson, etc. that you need. The link is below the parent note. After your daily work I know you will enjoy some outside time! Have a good day! 
With love from, Mrs. HAll

Hi boys and girls and parents!!
Just one last email to give my best wishes for a happy, healthy summer! I want to commend all of you for working so hard to homeschool this quarter. This has truly been a memorable, historic year of 2020. I know that we will never forget being quarantined at home and turning our living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bunk beds into classrooms!
Students you worked hard to stay motivated and although it was a struggle I am proud of you!! Your Leader in Me qualities were shining through!!

Parents- What can I say- I simply can't imagine what you have been through on so many levels. I am very impressed and proud of all the work you put into keeping your child motivated and working on top of worrying about a pandemic!

I look forward to next school year believing that we will be here in some form.  While it will look different, it will be heaven to see all the students in person. I will stay open minded to the changes and will work during the summer to prepare for whatever form our school days look like. Have a wonderful, healthy, enjoyable summer!!
Don't forget- today is the last day to stop in and drop off student books and pick up student items.
? Mrs. Hall

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians,

Things have changed drastically and quickly. I hope you have everything you need for the next several weeks of students being at home. Please know teachers, administrators, and all school personnel are here for you if we can be of assistance. While these are trying times we will come through them if we ask for help when needed. I wish all your families love and support during this time and always.  I will continually update my note above to the students.  Thank you for all you do,  Mrs. Hall

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