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Mrs. Hall's 3rd &4th Grade
Social Studies Class

       Hello parents and guardians-

Here are a couple quick items: 

Many thanks to the parents who helped with our Christmas parties! whether you sent in items or came in to offer help at the party the kids had a wonderful time. It certainly starts the holidays off right!!

Next week we have tribes on Friday. That will also be "Silly Day" when students can wear their silliest outfits!!

The 2nd quarter grading period ends on Monday.  Students will receive their gradecards on Tuesday, January 22nd. 

 We do not have school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day which is Monday, January 21st.

In 3rd grade we are beginning Unit 2. I am posting the vocabulary words from Unit 2 Lesson 1.   

Fourth grade Chapter 4 words are below. There are 4 lessons in this chapter and I believe we will be testing the week after next.  

It sounds like our winter will start looking like winter tomorrow!!! Enjoy the snow!! 

  Grade 3 Social Studies Unit 2: Celebrating Culture

Lesson 1: All About Culture

1. Culture- the way of life shared by a group of people. 

2. History- The events of the past.

3. Agriculture- Growing crops and raising animals.

4. Artifacts- Something that was made or used by people in the past.

5. Transportation- Ways of getting from one place to another.  

Grade 4 Social Studies Unit 2: Early Ohio 

Chapter 4 Different Cultures Meet

Lesson 1: Struggle for the Ohio Country

Vocabulary Words: Chapter 4 Lesson 1

1.    Colony- a place ruled by another country.

2.    Survey-to measure the area, boundaries, and shape of a piece of land.

3.    Fort-a strong building or area that can be defended against attacking enemies.

4.    Treaty-a formal agreement between nations.

5.    Proclamation!-an official public announcement.

6.    Squatter-a person who settles on land without paying for it. 

Lesson 2: The American Revolution

Vocabulary Words: Chapter 4 Lesson 2

1.    Boycott- to refuse to buy goods or services.

2.    Militia- groups of volunteers who fight only in an emergency.

3.    Loyalists- colonists who did not want to rebel against Great Britain.  

     Patriots- colonists who thought it was necessary to fight for freedom from Great Britain. 

 Calendar Events:
1/14 End of Qtr 2
1/18 Dress up Silly Day!! also Tribe Day
1/21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- no school
1/22 Grade cards home
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Homework:  Check Assignment Book
Students will have homework in Social Studies before tests and as needed throughout the year. Please check assignment books daily.
3rd Grade: Read p. 54-59
4th Grade: Read p. 102-107
 Monthly Focus on the Habits:

January-Habit 3 Put first Things First

Put First Things First means to decide what is most important and to take care of that first. Learning to prioritize and think of which things are the most important allows students to feel less stressed, more responsible, and that they are planning ahead.


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