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Mrs. Hall's 3rd &4th Grade
Social Studies Class

        Here are a few quick updates and items:

  •  Science Recycling posters are due Monday!! They are mandatory. I have also seen ELA and MAth packets. Please check assignment books and make sure students are finishing their homework. These packets are helping students review and practice skills before our state testing. Thanks parents for working with your students on organization skills!
  • We are having a collection for the flood victims of Nebraska. A flier is coming home to show the needed items for the collection! Thank you for contributing!
  • Next week Leadership binders will come home for parents to review with their students. Please give your student time and attention to show his/her achievements throughout the year. They are very proud of their goals and progress toward meeting them. When you are finished you will have the ooportunity to respond and give positive feedback to your student. The binders will then be sent back to school with the student. You will receive them home permanently at a later time. We appreciate your focus on leadership skills and the 7 habits!!


Have a great weekend with warm weather!!! 

Grade 3 Social Studies-Unit 3 economics

Lesson 1: Buyers and Sellers

Words to know:

    Economics- the study of how people use money, goods, and services.    

    Buyer- a person who buys goods and services from other people.

Seller-  a person who sells goods and services

Exchange-  to trade or give up one thing for another.


Grade 4 Social Studies    Unit 3: Statehood

Chapter 6 A Growing State

Lesson 1 New Forms of Transportation

Vocabulary Words: Chapter 6 Lesson 1

    Trace-another word for a path or road.

Macadam road-a road made of small stones poured on top of large rocks and then pressed into the earth.(This type of road was pioneered by Scottish engineer John Loudon McAdam around 1820.)

Stagecoach- a horse-drawn carriage that carries passengers.

Toll-fees paid by people who use a road.


Lesson 2 Developing Ohio's Culture


Vocabulary Words: Chapter 6 Lesson 2 


 Black laws-Laws passed in 1804 by Ohio lawmakers to discourage Africans from living in Ohio.

Prohibit-to not allow.

Discrimination- unfair treatment.

Circuit rider-preachers on horseback who traveled from community to community.

Camp meetings-a large outdoor religious gathering led by a preacher trying to win new believers.

Public schools-A school paid for by property taxes so all students can be educated for free.

Vocabulary Words: Chapter 6 Lesson 3

1. labor- the human resource needed to produce goods and services

2. entrepreneurship- a skill that people have that helps them organize, manage, and take risks to start and run a business.

3. entrepreneur-a person who owns and runs their own business.

4. cottage industry- a home based business.

5. gristmill - a business that grinds corn, oats, and wheat into flour. 



 Calendar Events:
3/15 Tribes
3/19 End of 3rd Quarter
3/22 Author Sue DiCicco visit!! Grades 2-3
3/26 Grade Cards home
3/29 Author Steve Sheinkin visit!! Grades 4-6
4/5 Tribe Day!!
4/18 School in seesion (make up day)
4/19 No School Easter break
4/22 School in session (make up day)
4/25 Midterms home
5/2 Kindergarten Screening
5/16 4th Grade Musical!!
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Homework:  Check Assignment Book
Students will have homework in Social Studies before tests and as needed throughout the year. Please check assignment books daily.
3rd Grade: Read p. 110-115 Quiz Tuesday
4th Grade: Read p. 194-199.

 Monthly Focus on the Habits:

March- Habit 5 Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood means that it is better to listen first and talk second. This habit is best approached by introducing listening as a skill that should be practiced.

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