Krista Jacoby

Mrs. Jacoby's Class

March 11-15
Grade 5 :We will be finishing chapter 6 about dividng the earth into regions this week. There will be an assessment on Th. before we begin chapter 7.
Grade 6: Sixth graders will be reviewing ancient Egypt this week and there will be an assessment on Th. The students should also be working on their slideshow presentations as they will be due early next week.

Mrs. Jacoby's Contact Information:

School Phone Number: 419-927-2595
Homework: Week of March 11-15
Fifth grade: Chapter 6 vocabulary is due Tuesday. There is a list of words in my Google classroom and the students have a paper cpy also. There will be a chapter 6 test on Th. Please study notebook!
Grade six-  Egypt vocabulary is due Monday! There will be an assessment over Ancient Egypt on Th. so students shouls be studying the information in their notebooks. The slideshow presentations will be due early next week so they can also be working on those. Follow the rubric!
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