Nancy Lillo

                                                                         Happy Summer!
Dear Parents of Outgoing Fourth Graders, 
Thank you for the priviledge of teaching your child.  We had an amazing year this year and the students grew so much!  Keep your child reading by having fun and making it a challenge!  (Think: Parents vs. Kids in Summer Reading!) Below are the links for the Summer Assignments they were given the last week of school. Thank you to the parents who helped out with class parties, testing treats, and keeping your child on track this year! Enjoy your student to the utmost!
Mrs. Lillo 
Dear Parents of Incoming Fourth Graders,
I am so excited to welcome your student to fourth grade!  They will work hard and learn tons in E.L.A. this coming year.  Above is the download of the "Moving On" Grid they were given the last week of school.   Rest up, have fun with your child, and keep your student reading!
Looking Forward,
Mrs. Lillo 
Grade 4 E.L.A. Curriculum Map

In Depth Questions for Independent Reading

*Parents, ask your child some of these questions to get the conversation started about the book they have chosen!

1. What do you think will happen next in your book? Why?

2. What character do you like least? Why?

3. What character do you like the most? Why?

4. The part of this chapter that surprised me was…

5. Is there a problem in the story? Describe it. How is it solved?

6. The setting of the story is_______. I know this because________.

7. Who is the main character? Describe him/her using at least three adjectives.

8. What advice would you give to a character in your book? Why?

9. The lesson I learned from this story was…

10.In what ways are you like a character in the book? Explain.

11.If you had been the main character in the story, would you have acted differently? Why or why not?

12.If you could trade places with one of the characters, who would it be and why?

13. How do you feel about this story? Would you recommend it to someone else? Why or why not?

14. What is/was the best part of the story? Why?

15. Summarize the chapter you read. What are the most important events? Did you learn anything new about the characters?

16. If you were the author, what would you change in the story? Why would you make that change?

17. Is what you read believable? Why or why not?

18. Pretend you are interviewing the main character of the story. What two questions would you ask them?

19. What do you think will happen next in the story/chapter? or What do you think would happen if the author wrote a sequel to the book?

20. What do you remember most from the story?

Informational Books:

21. What is the main idea of the non-fiction selection that you read? How do you know?

22. What are three interesting facts you learned by reading this informational chapter?

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