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Welcome to 2nd Grade
Welcome to 2nd Grade!
Hello! Welcome to our 2nd grade class website!  I am your child's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Mindy Walton.  I have been teaching for 16 years, 13 of those years have been here at Mohawk.  I am also a Class of 1999 Mohawk Graduate (Go Warriors!).  I live outside of Tiffin with my husband, Izaak and 2 children, Ava (5) and Luke (3).  Ava is starting Kindergarten here at Mohawk, and Luke is beginning PreK this year.  We also have a 3 month old Lab named Sammie.  I also am the Head Varsity Softball Coach here at Mohawk.  In my free time I enjoy working out, and spending time with my family.  We enjoy swimming in our pool and taking walks around our neighborhood.  
Please feel free to email me anytime with questions (mindy.walton@mohawklocal.org) 
 Lesson Plans: March 4-8

Our Essential Question this week is: What do Good Citizens do?  We will be reading Realistic Fiction.  We will also be working on Summarizing, Point of View, Plural Nouns, Pronouns, Quotation Marks, and Suffixes.  Our weekly Reading Assessment will be Friday, March 8.

Spelling: We will a pre-test at the beginning of each week.  If a student misses 2 or less they move on to a beyond level (List B), if a student misses more than 2 on the pre-test they stay on the on-level (List A). The test will be Friday, March 8. Practice these words nightly.  The words will come home with their list (A or B) highlighted (Spelling Contract).  They will also have their list written in their planner (in their binder).
Math: Mrs. Walton’s math class will continue learning about Area and Perimeter.  Mrs. Kalb’s class will be working on 2 Digit Subtraction
We will be using tools to make observations about objects. 
Social Studies: We will be discussing Early America and Immigration.
Please feel free to contact me at mindy.walton@mohawklocal.org or 419-927-2595 ext. 4113


 March 4-8
Monday: Spelling, Sight Words
Tuesday: Spelling, Sight words, Guided Reading Book questions
Wednesday: Spelling, Sight words, Guided Reading book Questions
Thursday: Spelling, sight words
Friday:  No Homework
Spelling Words: March 4-8
List A:
sound                  mound
cloud                    shout
pound                  clown
brown                  crown
howl                       growl
chair                       where
been                        myself
List B:
wound                  pouches
around                  bounced
underground         scowling
gown                      crown
howling                  growling
stare                        where's
been                        myself
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