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Mohawk Elementary- Room 226  or (419) 927-2595
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Unit 1 Vocabulary and Test Study Guides:
  1. The School StoryVocabulary/ Test Study Guide  
  2. Knots in My Yo-Yo String Vocabulary/ Test Study Guide 
  3. The Making of a BookVocabulary/ Test Study Guide 
  4. The ACES PhoneVocabulary/ Test Study Guide
  5. The Myers Family: Vocabulary/ Test Study Guide

Greek Root Study Links: (Each quiz is accumulative so each quiz progressively gets longer until all roots are covered)

  1. List 1
  2. Lists 1-2
  3. Lists 1-3
  4. Lists 1-4
  5. Lists 1-5 
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Meet Mrs. Orians!
Hello! Here are a few things about me!
My name is pronounced: Or-ee-anz
Name: Erika Lynn (Spitler) Orians
Birthday: June 17
Hometown: Sycamore, Ohio
Current Residence: Upper Sandusky 
Family: Husband, two daughters (Emma and Carmen)
Pets: German Shepherd (Otis) 
Hobbies: digital scrapbooking, photography, running/exercising, being outside, playing sports, reading
HS Graduation: 2004 from Mohawk High School
College: BS in Education from Heidelberg College and a Masters in Classroom Technology from Bowling Green University
Years taught: 8 years at Bucyrus Middle School (7th grade ELA and SS)  and starting my 3rd year at Mohawk


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