Colleen Gase

Hola y Bienvenidos al Mohawk Spanish Program

Hola and welcome to the Mohawk Spanish Program!  We are currently out for the summer but feel free to read on to learn about next year.
My goal is for all students in the Spanish program to learn sufficient language competency to hold basic conversations with native speakers.  Knowing a second language is a great way to improve career options, help students advance academically, and make travel even more interesting and accessible.
My teaching philosophy is built on rigor and rapport.  I believe in teaching bell to bell and I believe in regular (near nightly) homework in order for students to practice language skills.  I also believe in meeting my students where they are and helping them achieve personal goals and overcome personal obstacles.  As my father often said in his 35 years of teaching "To reach a mind, enter a heart."  
Discipline is simple in my room.  I expect students to respect myself, each other, and each others' property.  Students who fail to do this will be reprimanded, and will be given a detention if the problem persists.  Serious infractions will result in office referrals.  Students are expected to try all activities.  Refusal to try is insubordination and will result in disciplinary action.  No one is expected to be perfect- even I make mistakes with my Spanish- but no one can expect to improve if they don't try.
 Homework is to be done on time.  Partial credit will be given if turned in within a day or two (depending on the amount the assignment is worth).  Assignments not turned in within this time period will result in a 0.  If a student completes all assignments, they CANNOT fail my course.  If a student chooses not to do the work assigned, they are making a choice to receive zero credit and thus lower their grade. As stated, homework is listed on the website.  It is also on my whiteboard daily and I orally explain the assignment at the end of class.
I have a new website (link on the side!) that has all worksheets, notes, and even supplemental resources for each course, as well as Spanish Club.  Please check it out!  I also have a link to my lesson plans, which include the day's homework on the label Planes y Tarea.
If you need to contact me, please feel free to call me between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm at 419-927-6222.  
 Or e-mail me any time at 
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