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Welcome to 5th grade ELA!
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What is happening in 5th grade ELA?


What to Expect in 5th Grade ELA?

5th grade students will be using the Journeys series curriculum. This curriculum connects all aspects of ELA together through a variety of informational and fictional reading passages.

Reading- We will be focusing on reading a wide range of texts, reading those text closely, and providing evidence from the text when answering questions. There will continue to be an emphasis on informational reading and writing in response to reading. Students will be learning and applying new skills to better understand reading passages, spelling patterns, and word meaning, rather than memorization. There will be weekly focuses on vocabulary within text and isolation.

Language Arts- Students will focus on narrative, informative, and persuasive writing. Students will practice these through creative writing journals, short-term, and long-term writing projects. We will emphasize on organization and clarity of students’ writing. This is including grade-level grammar standards including capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

** Curriculum maps are available on my classroom website, and on the district website.**


Students will have weekly or bi-weekly comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling assessments. Throughout the year students will be assessed on fluency, while also still taking MAP test to continue to track students’ progress and create individual goals for each student. 


Students are encouraged to read 15-20 minutes nightly

Students will be expected to complete weekly homework assignments in reading, vocabulary, and spelling

What is Happening this Week? 
Upcoming Events:
Leader in Me: 
Please communicate with your child about the continued development of Leader in Me throughout our school. There are a lot of exciting things happening! I hope that all families have the opportunity to join us in the variety of events happening throughout this school year. There will be great chances to learn and grow as a family through the 7 Habits. Feel free to reach out for additional home resources pertaining to the 7 Habits as well. 
Habit One: Be Proactive
Habit Two: Begin with the End in Mind
Habit Three: Put First Things First
Habit Four: Think Win-Win
Habit Five: Seek First to Understand, Then be Understood
Habit Six: Synergize
Habit Seven:  Sharpen the Saw
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