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Josh Fortney

4/12 - 4/16

ELA/Reading-  We will work on reviewing the short e word family/chunk s we have learned so far! Please continue to work on identifying Aa-Zz (letters and sounds) at the beginning, middle and end of the word with your child for “homework” & log in each night on the flashcard log. We will continue to work with our sight words through list 8 in class. Please log in your practice at home as well. Guided Reading information and books are updated each week in their 2nd folder! All practice should be logged on the reading log! 
Writing- We will work on April Journal Entries and writing short -a, -e, -i, -o, and -u  words. 

Math-  We will still be reviewing and discussing addition and subtraction strategies. We will also be discussing different types of measurement. 

Science/Social Studies- The class will be learning about Spring weather changes, living and non-living, and be reviewing map skill. 
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Please feel free to contact me at  [email protected].
Alphabet/Sounds- Aa-Zz
Shapes- Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon, Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Rectangle Prism
Numbers- 0-20
Addition- Flashcards
September Sight words: 
a, I, the red, blue, we, see, can 
October Sight Words
it, and, go, stop, to, like, yellow, green
November Sight Words:
do, you, off, are, my, on, orangepurple
December Sight Words:
he, she, is, with, big, little, black, brown
January Sight Words:
yes, no, have, was, over, under, of, for
February Sight Words:
they, make, away, here, dad, in, want, mom, out, said
March Sight Words:
love, me, one, two, three, what, help, up, down, this
April Sight Words:
five, some, be, for, too, has, play, look, where, all
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