Shelly Coffman

Mrs. Coffman
Grade 5 Math

Week of 5/10-5/14

**Virtual learning this week **
Students will need to complete 15 minutes of I Ready daily (for a total of 75 minutes for the week) and pass 2 lessons

** Fifth graders will be studying fractions for several weeks - as it is the largest part of the grade 5 curriculum.  Please help your child keep up with these lessons.  

This week 5 Jacoby will be starting our unit over adding and subtracting fractions.  5 Coffman and Carper will finish studying adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers and will be solving word problems.  Please continue to quiz your child over the basic math facts.    
 due Monday:  Get Warrior Card signed
                         I Ready
Monday:   study math facts 
                 I Ready
                 5J - Edulastic - equivalent fractions
                 5Ca/Co - Edulastic - word problems
Tuesday:   study math facts 
                  I Ready
                  5J - Edulastic - equivalent fractions 
                  5 Ca/Co - Edulastic - word problems 
Wednesday:    study math facts 
                        I Ready
                        5J - quick check 7.6 and review pkt. 1,2
                        5 Ca/Co - independent practice sheet
Thursday:   study math facts 
                   I Ready
                   5J - review packet 3,4,5
                   5 Ca/Co - review packet 7,8,9

Friday:     study math facts 
                I Ready
 I-Ready:     This week students will need to complete 75 minutes and pass 2 lessons                                                                                       

Please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or at school by phone at 419-927-6222 ext. 1230

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