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Hi parents and guardians- Here are a couple of quick updates.....


Wow! What a week! I think we've gotten all of winter in three short weeks! I'm ok with that if it starts warming up soon. I hope everyone survived the winter blast and I hope you all go to enjoy the snow! Now its back to work! 

Today students received a paper to perform a random act of kindness. They need to complete the task and have you sign it on the back. Students will be put into a drawing. I will also give 5 PBIS points for my homeroom. Enjoy the nice gestures and perhaps you can think of my kindness acts to do as a family during this pandemic. 

In Social Studies today we reflected on our learning and test scores so far this year. Students can continue to focus on important goals that will enhance their learning and scores. In third grade we finished Chapter 9. We will review Monday and Tuesday with a test on Wednesday. In 4th grade we are beginning Ch 7. We will continue that chapter throughout next week and test the following week. 

Have a great weekend. I can't wait for the thaw to start!!


 Grade 3 Social Studies- 


Chapter 9; Rights and Responsibilities
1. Rights- privileges of citizens that are protected by law.
2. Responsibilities- duties that people are required or expected to do to help a community operate and to preserve democracy.
3. Democracy- a form of government where the supreme power is held by the people and the people use that power by voting.
4. Common Good- the interest or well being of the whole community.
5. Tax- money paid to the government from people or businesses to pay for goods and services for the community.
6. Vote-to express a choice or an opinion.

Grade 4 Social Studies Unit 4: Ohio Grows

Chapter 7: Ohio Changes

Vocabulary Lesson 1:
1. abolitionists-people who worked to abolish or end slavery.
2. Fugitive Slave Law- law passed in 1850 making it illegal to help enslaved people escape.
3. Underground Railroad- a system of secret routes used by free people to help enslaved people escape slavery.
4. secede- formally leave
5. Union- name for the government of the Northern States that remained part of the US.
6. Civil War- a war among people who live in the same country.

 Calendar Events:
2/12- Valentine Parties 
2/15 Presidents Day 
2/18 Midterms emailed to parents/guardians


Contact Info:
Mohawk School
419-927-2595 Ext:1101
or e-mail:
 [email protected]
Homework:  Check Assignment Book
Students will have homework in Social Studies before tests and as needed throughout the year. Please check assignment books daily.
3rd G If students brought home books they can reread Ch 9.
4th G  No Homework

Monthly Focus on the Habits:

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