Jan Hall

Mrs. Hall's 3rd &4th Grade
Social Studies Class

Hi parents and guardians- Here are a couple of quick notes: 

Parents and Guardians- Wow! We are so proud of all the hard work students put into their state and I Ready tests. The students worked very hard and did their best. 

Please read subjects below for updates on our Social Studies.
Dr. Wallace will be sending our an update for our last few days of school. This will be through final forms. If any new items arise I will put updates on webpage next week. 

Thanks and have a great weekend.



 Grade 3 Social Studies- 

Unit4: Economics We have finished Ch 14 on Line Graphs and finished the test. We took that test on Gallopade.  We are combining chapters 15 and 16 since they are short. We will test them next Monday. We will also combine 17 and 18 together as well as 19 and 20. Test Monday over Ch 15 and 16.  

Grade 4 Social Studies Unit 5: Ohio Today 

Ch 11 Government: We are starting our last chapter of the book! Our book breaks it into the 3 levels of government. Lesson 1 is the National Government; lesson 2 is state government and lesson 3 is local government. We will be testing Ch 11 on Wednesday. 

Beautiful Ohio


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 Calendar Events:
4/26  4th G ELA Ohio State TEst Part 1
4/26  1pm- Remote learners grades 3-6 Math Ohio State Test Part 1  
4/27  4th G ELA Ohio State TEst Part 2 
4/27  1pm- Remote learners grades 3-6 Math Ohio State Test Part 2
 5/3  3rd G MAth Ohio State Test
5/4  4th Grade Ohio State Test 
5/10  3rd and 4th G I Ready Math Test
5/12  3/4G I Ready Reading Test
5/13  3/4 G I Ready Reading Test  
5/26 Last Day of School!! Woooo!


Contact Info:
Mohawk School
419-927-2595 Ext:1101
or e-mail:
 [email protected]
Homework:  Check Assignment Book
Students will have homework in Social Studies before tests and as needed throughout the year. Please check assignment books daily.
3rd G: Study Ch 17 and 18  Test Tuesday.
4th G  No Homework.

Monthly Focus on the Habits:

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