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Erika Orians

Welcome to 
Mrs. Orians' 6th Grade
ELA Classroom!

Contact Information:
Mohawk Elementary- Room 226
[email protected]  or (419) 927-2595

Follow the links to help study for Vocabulary Tests from Journey's
Unit 1 Vocabulary and Test Study Guides:
  1. The School StoryVocabulary/ Test Study Guide  
  2. Knots in My Yo-Yo String Vocabulary/ Test Study Guide 
  3. The Making of a BookVocabulary/ Test Study Guide 
  4. The ACES PhoneVocabulary/ Test Study Guide
  5. The Myers FamilyVocabulary/ Test Study Guide

Greek Root Study Links: (Each quiz is accumulative so each quiz progressively gets longer until all roots are covered)

  1. List 1
  2. Lists 1-2
  3. Lists 1-3
  4. Lists 1-4
  5. Lists 1-5 

Overview of My Class

English / Language Arts -Mrs. Orians

Journey’s Lessons- about every 2 weeks your child will start a new lesson following the Journey’s series which is found on Think Central.  There will be a story to read, questions that focus on a particular reading skill, and then an end-of-story test. Questions will be posted on Google classroom and tests will be on (link will be in Google Classroom). I will provide recorded help with all these activities and post on Google Classroom.

  1. Reader’s Notebook was provided. Lessons will be assigned through Think Central, but sometimes it’s easier having an actual book to read/take notes on and then enter answers online.

Vocabulary- before your child starts a new Journey’s lesson, there will be 10 vocabulary words to learn and be tested over. Quizlet will be available to assist with studying words. It has online flashcards, printable flashcards, games, and practice tests. Final tests will be on

Greek/Latin Roots- on the weeks there is no new vocabulary, your child will be introduced to 3-4 new Greek and Latin roots for the week. These are also on Quizlet and will be tested over on Edulastic.

Task Cards- every Journey’s lesson has a particular reading skill and reading strategy that is focused on.  I will be assigning digital task cards to reinforce these skills.You will only have to complete one per day. These will be in a Google Slides format on Google Classroom.

Writing Projects- your child will write a personal narrative, research essay, compare/contrast essay, and an opinion piece this year. I will provide numerous ways to organize and simplify each step of the writing process through digital organizers and recorded lessons by me. All of the help will be provided on Google Classroom, and writing will be completed on a Doc template that I provide under that assignment.


    • If you need in-person help I will be available from 8:10-8:50 or 1:03-1:42. 

You may email me or send a Remind text at any time during school hours and I will respond as soon as I can [email protected]    

Upcoming Events
Important Classroom Information
Letter to Parents about my classroom (Was sent home to be read and signed) 
Classroom Rules and Procedures  
  6th Grade English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum Maps 
  1. Quarter 1
  2. Quarter 2
  3. Quarter 3
  4. Quarter 4
                                   Classroom Resources

Meet Mrs. Orians!
Hello! Here are a few things about me!
My name is pronounced: Or-ee-anz
Name: Erika Lynn (Spitler) Orians
Birthday: June 17
Hometown: Sycamore, Ohio
Current Residence: Upper Sandusky 
Family: Husband, two daughters (Emma and Carmen)
Pets: German Shepherd (Otis) 
Hobbies: digital scrapbooking, photography, running/exercising, being outside, playing sports, reading
HS Graduation: 2004 from Mohawk High School
College: BS in Education from Heidelberg College and a Masters in Classroom Technology from Bowling Green University
Years taught: 8 years at Bucyrus Middle School (7th grade ELA and SS)  and starting my 5thyear at Mohawk
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