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2023 Roofing Project

Dear Parents, Guardians, Community Members, and Students,

As I write this communication, you have to truly appreciate the Board of Education, Rhonda Feasel, and my predecessors. Without their forethought and commitment to the taxpayers, we would be in a very different predicament. We are fortunate for all of their prior planning and saving money for this very project at no additional expense or cost to the taxpayers. This is not an easy feat for any district, Board of Education, or administration.

At this past Monday’s Board of Education meeting, we had Prodigy LLC present the current issues and the current condition of the school building’s roof. We had union representation, union members, and staff present to see and hear firsthand accounts of the status of the roof. I have attached the images shared with everyone that night, plus several more in the link below.

We have had some rather significant roof issues on the school building during my tenure as superintendent, which we have handled in-house and with outside vendors. We have had areas that have leaked, areas where decking has completely rotted out, and areas of the shingles that are almost completely gone. With that said, I am letting you know that the time has come to replace the current shingled roof with a metal roof.

There have been several questions as to why a “30-year” shingle roof is failing to such a degree at 15, almost 16 years old. I have contacted several companies to try and gain a better understanding of this very question, with little to no answer, besides; “there are too many factors to make that determination.” Additionally, I have contacted legal representation from the largest firm in Ohio to see if there was any avenue I could pursue that may help us in our endeavor. Unfortunately, that window to seek legal action passed roughly ten years ago

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?
This is to be determined due to the water damage that you cannot see with the decking. We are estimating around the $2 million dollar range.

When will the project take place? 
This is to be determined and based upon several factors; board action, supply, and labor. We would hope the project would start towards the end of the school year after state testing and throughout the summer.

What color will the roof be? 
This too, is to be determined. I am well aware that we have some rather passionate community members for red and black. The determination will be a group decision with the Board of Education and myself for what is best for longevity and aesthetics.

Will there be a disruption to student learning? 
The hope is no. This will be determined by several uncontrollable variables: supply chain, timing, labor, etc. Regardless, we will put forth every effort that teaching and learning will have zero to minimal impact.  

Why are you replacing the roof now? 
If we pass a resolution in a month or two, the project cannot start for at least 4-5 months. We have had outside companies inspect and diagnose our current roof, giving us 1-3 years remaining on the roof. These inspections took place in the spring of 2022 and fall of 2022. Thus, our time is almost out.

How long is a metal roof warrantied? 
The warranty is product and company dependent. Prodigy LLC is a 30 year water tight, fit and finish, color fast (excluding red) 100% warranty. They do not prorate their warranty and the warranty is not owned by a “third party.”  

Where is the money coming from for this project?
My predecessors, Rhonda Feasel, and the Board of Education have worked in concert to save money throughout the years in a Permanent Improvement Fund. A Permanent Improvement Fund is for purchases that must have a life expectancy of five years or more.


  • Rotted or bad decking is causing a ripple
  • Rotted or bad decking is causing a ripple
  • Organic growth
  • Missing Shingles
  • Ridge vent malfunction and broken
  • Ridge vent malfunction and broken
  • Organic growth causing micro perforations in the shingles