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Robert McDermott
Robert McDermott
Technology Coordinator
Hello, my name is Robert McDermott. I started working at Mohawk in the summer of 2017. At the time I was entering my senior year at Mohawk, and my second and final year of Sentinel's Digital Technology Program. After graduating from Mohawk as a student, I stayed as an employee. My current title is IT Technician, a title that I was promoted to in 2021. I also coach Mohawk's eSports team.

I'm always looking to learn new things and improve my skills. My favorite part of working here is the improvement projects I get to do. Whether it be a new ticketing system, a new wifi authentication system, or whatever else that's needed; they always serve as opportunities to learn new things, and as challenges to apply my existing skills to. With an outcome that benefits everyone as well, I can't help but get excited at the prospect of a new project to tackle.