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Nurse's Office

Medication Instructions: Parent

Per school/state policy:  
  1. All medications are to be brought to school by a parent/guardian or adult – NOT a student
  2. Parent/Guardian or adult – NOT a student- is to pick up all medications at the end of the school year or when medication is changed or discontinued.  

  3. Medication that is not picked up at the end of the school year will be discarded. It cannot be “saved” for the next school year.

  4. Students are not to have, take or carry medications without the nurse's knowledge and proper forms completed

All medication forms need to be filled out by parent/guardians and all prescription medications need a physician/health care provider forms filled out before the medication will be given at school.  Any changes in the prescription during the year will need new forms completed. Forms may be printed from this website to be completed It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to have the doctor complete these forms.

Over the counter medication will need to be in an unopened bottle/box and will be administered per label instructions.  Medication cannot be expired.

Prescription medication will need to be in a labeled container from the pharmacy. Prescription dates need to be current and medication cannot be expired.

Any questions, please call the school nurse.

Thank you.

Parent Letter