Administrative Position
Grades 7-12 Assistant Principal/Director of Special Education;
Date: June 18, 2021
Position: Grades 7-12 Assistant Principal/Director of Special Education; 214 Days/Yr. 
Certification: Current Ohio Principal License 

  • Master's degree (M.A.) or equivalent 
  • OPES, OSCES, and OTES Credentialed 
  • Successful classroom teaching experience 
  • Appropriate state of Ohio certification/license 
  • Prior assistant principal/principal experience preferred 
  • Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find appropriate

General Duties: 
The assistant principal/Director of Special Education is the instructional leader who aligns all of the educational resources and support services available in the delivery of high quality educational programs and services. Mohawk Local Schools is looking for an innovative instructional leader to guide the building to academic and social excellence.

Specific Duties:
  • Ensure safety of students and staff
  • Assist in the development and implementation of programs and plans to ensure the safety of students and staff
  • Assist the building principal in the general administration of the school
  • Administer the school in the absence of the principal
  • Monitor and enforce rules concerning attendance
  • Assist in the improvement and/or adjustment of the school program
  • Assist in the evaluation of school staff
  • Assist in the preparation and supervision of fire and tornado drills, and other emergency preparedness programs
  • Attend, as required, special events, functions, and athletic events of the school
  • Maintain a positive and effective rapport with staff, students, parents and community members
  • Serve with parent, faculty, and student groups as requested
  • Submit all reports and lists, as required, at the appropriate time
  • Maintain a high standard for student conduct and control in accordance with the due process rights of students
  • Assist with coordinating the development of the master teaching schedule
  • Provide general supervision to students and supervise extracurricular activities
  • Provide general supervision to all teachers, secretarial staff, custodial staff, teacher aides, and food service
  • Make contacts with the public with tact and diplomacy
  • Maintain respect at all times for confidential information, e.g., student files, student IEP's, medical
    records, personnel files, documentation for legal proceedings
  • Interact in a positive manner with staff, students and parents
  • Promote good public relations by personal appearance, attitude and conversation
  • Attend meetings and in-services as required
  • Lead school improvement activities such as the Building Leadership Team
  • Responsible for application, administration, and reporting required by federal programs, Title I, Title
    II and Title VI
  • Seek ancillary funding for the district through grants and collaborative projects
  • Assist in the formulation of a philosophy and objectives for the instructional and special education
  • Keep abreast of developments in curriculum and furnish leadership in determining their
    appropriateness for inclusion in the district’s educational program
  • Maintain liaison and active participation with educational leaders in curriculum at the state, regional,
    and national levels
  • Assist the Superintendent with budget development in areas of curriculum, materials, and special
    education services
  • Provide teachers with counsel and assistance toward the solution of instructional problems
  • Represent the district at local, state and regional activities/committees upon the request of the
  • Recommend policy as it relates to curriculum and special education
  • Communicate with the public, the Board of Education and staff on curriculum, school improvement
    efforts and special education issues
  • Evaluate curriculum implementation and special education services
  • Assist in the reporting of testing, student, and curriculum information through EMIS
  • Responsible for researching and determining grants applicable to the district’s goals
  • Participate on the Local Professional Development Committee and assist with the licensure of staff
  • Coordinate curriculum activities and student services/placement outside the district with other
    schools and agencies
  • Maintain accurate student services records
  • Serve as the district’s sexual harassment and discrimination investigative officer

Salary: Based on Approved Salary Schedule
Start Date: August 1, 2021
Application Due Date: June 30, 2021

Application Procedure: Letters of interest, resume, and related materials should be sent to:

Dr. Mark E. Burke Jr. 
295 State Highway 231 
Sycamore, Ohio 44882 

Attachment Available: Click Here
No positions are currently available.
No positions are currently available.
Non Certified
Building PM Custodian
Date: June 22, 2021
Position: Building PM Custodian (3:00-11:30 pm); 9-month position
Certification: Ohio Bus certification/license
Description: Provide a safe, clean environment for students, staff and public; assist the Maintenance Supervisor cleaning, maintaining, and daily operation of school building

  • Ensure safety of students and staff
  • Promote good safety practices and procedures
  • Interact in a positive manner with staff, students and parents
  • Secure building each working day and see that all lights (except night lights) are turned off and all persons are
    out of the building before leaving the premises on afternoon shift
  • Provisions will be made for the storage of tools and supplies, and all such cleaning materials, tools and
    supplies must be kept in their proper places. Keep work and storage areas neat and orderly
  • During the hours when teachers and pupils are admitted to the building, the custodian shall cooperate with the
    Principal in maintaining proper physical conditions
  • Report repair work needs to go to the Maintenance Supervisor. Routine repair work is the responsibility of the
    custodian and is not to be reported for the maintenance person to do
  • Assist in receiving and storing all supplies and equipment, except those educational supplies that shall be
    distributed to the various departments as directed by the Building Principal or Assistant Building Principal
  • Assist in the unloading of supplies delivered to the building
  • In the event of heavy snow all inside and outside walks surrounding the building must be kept plowed,
    shoveled and salted if in any icy condition. All steps and entrances to the building must be free from ice and
    snow and salted if needed before the opening of school each day
  • Floors must be mopped or cleaned to avoid becoming slippery
  • Cooperate with the local and state fire inspectors, as well as with the boiler inspector
  • Assist in inventory of all janitorial supplies
  • Complete annual summer work such as the cleaning of all windows, cutting grass, etc. as assigned
  • Assist the maintenance person if directed to do so
  • The floors of all classrooms, corridors, and stairways, libraries, gymnasiums, dining rooms, industrial arts
    rooms, toilet rooms, locker rooms, and offices shall be swept daily or as directed the Building Principal or
    Assistant Building Principal
  • All furniture and woodwork such as windowsills, baseboards, stair rails, doors, window frames, and corridor
    lockers must be thoroughly dusted as required by the building
  • The floors in all toilet rooms, locker room and shower rooms are to be mopped daily or as directed by
    Building Principal or Assistant Building Principal. Mop weekly, or as directed, all offices, stairways and
  • At least twice during the school year all floors including classrooms, auditoriums, cafeterias and libraries
    should be mopped or buffed and re-waxed
  • Gymnasium floors should be mopped and refinished only as directed
  • Toilet bowls and urinals must be washed daily and treated with disinfectant at least once each week. All wash
    basins and drinking fountains must be cleaned with scouring powder or equivalent daily
  • All excelsior, paper, sweepings, rags or other rubbish of inflammable nature must be gathered daily in bags or
    other containers provided and placed in the dumpster or such locations as are designated by the head
  • Responsible to care for playground area, i.e., properly prepared for recess, emergencies, drills
Other Duties and Responsibilities:
  • As may be assigned by Building Principal or Assistant Building Principal or Maintenance Supervisor
  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED)
  • One to two years related experience preferred
  • Must be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of electrical, plumbing, painting, heating/cooling systems
  • Must be able to demonstrate the ability to use most common hand tools
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find
  • Must possess a valid Ohio driver’s license
  • Must possess an appropriate state of Ohio bus certification/license
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Knowledge of appropriate safety procedures
  • Training in the proper care and storage of chemicals, e.g., OSHA/PERRAC training
  • Ability to read and understand verbal and written instructions, written warnings and labels
  • Working knowledge of assigned building and alarm systems
  • Must be knowledgeable in the correct way to repair a variety of materials, i.e., floor tile replacement, repairs
    to wood, plastic, fiberglass, etc.
  • Knowledge of air compressor/thermostats/HVAC systems (including boilers)
  • Must be able to climb, lift heavy equipment and furniture, and operate mowing equipment
  • Ability to work well with others
Salary: Per Non-Certified Handbook
Start Date: August 16, 2021 
Application Deadline: July 5, 2021
Application Procedure: Send Resume and/or Application of Employment to:

Dr. Mark E. Burke Jr.
295 State Highway 231 
Sycamore, Ohio 44882 

 **Emailed Documents Will Be Accepted**

Attachment Available: Click Here
No positions are currently available.

Mohawk Local School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 
The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), disability, age, religion, military status, ancestry, genetic information (collectively, “Protected Classes”), or any other legally protected category, in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.

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