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Hello! My name is Sandy Tusing, welcome to my Kindertgarten webpage!  This is the place I will keep you informed on what's happening in my classroom.  


Mrs. Tusing's Class

Our Kindergarten News
January 25th -29th 

Language Arts: 
We will be working on the strategy reread.   As they read, something might not make sense to them.  Then they reread to help then understand.  We will be focusing on the letters “Ff and "Rr” this week in isolation at the beginning and end of words. We will also be using phoneme blending.  They will be introduced to the short e word family.   They will be producing and making words using the CVC pattern.  Students will be taking spelling tests on Fridays.

We will be working on decomposing numbers less than or equal to ten by using different strategies such as: counting on, fingers, objects, ten frames, and drawings.
Science/Social Studies:   
  We will be investigating and discussing how time is measured by day and night.  Students will also be learning about groundhogs and why we celebrate Groundhog's Day.  They will be making predictions and explain why their predictions are right.

 At Home Practice:
 Sight Words:  List 5: yes, no, over, under, have, was, of, for
 Handwriting: Forming the letters correctly and writing their name
 Daily Flashcards: Alphabet, shapes, and numbers, letter sound identification
Guided Reading: Read Books Every Night

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