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Sandy Tusing


Mrs. T's Kindergarten Classroom

Hello! My name is Sandy Tusing, welcome to my Kindertgarten webpage!  This is the place I will keep you informed on what's happening in my classroom.  


Mrs. Tusing's Class

Our Kindergarten News

Language Arts: We will be working on the strategy ask and answer questions . Students will gain an understanding that good readers ask themselves questions before they read and while they are reading. We will be focusing on the letter Mm this week in isolation. 
Math: We will be working on number names, number sequence, counting to tell the number of objects 1-10. They will be involved in various activities to demonstrate their understanding of these numbers 
Science/Social Studies:  They will continue to demonstrate the First Habit- Be Proactive. Students will continue an understanding of classifying objects by their properties. Students will observing, classifying, and describing different objects and explaining how they classified a certain group.

At Home Practice:
 Sight Words: List 1: red, I, we, can, the, blue, a, see
 Handwriting: Forming the letters correctly and writing their name
 Daily Flashcards: Alphabet, shapes, and numbers, letter sound identification
Guided Reading: Read Books Every Night

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