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4/18 School in Session

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4/22 School in Session                          

Language Arts:  We will be working on the strategy make confirm, and revise predictions.  Students will understand that good readers think about what will happen next.  We will be reviewing the letters "Gg, Uu, Vv Yy and Zz” this week in isolation at the beginning and end of words.  We will also be using phoneme blending.  They will be introduced to the “un” word family.  Students will recognize word patterns and will be using decoding skills to become better readers.

Math: We will be working on how to read, analyze, and interpret vertical and horizontal graphs. 

Science/Social Studies: .Students will gain an understanding of how to read a map.  They will learn terms related to direction and distance, as well as symbols and landmarks.



Sight Words: List 7:  down, help, three, two, one, me up, what, love

Handwriting: Forming the letters correctly and writing their name

Daily Flashcards: Alphabet, shapes and numbers. and additions cards 

Guided Reading:  Read books every night 

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