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Mrs. T's Kindergarten Classroom

Hello! My name is Sandy Tusing, welcome to my Kindertgarten webpage!  This is the place I will keep you informed on what's happening in my classroom.  


Mrs. Tusing's Class

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We want to start off by saying thank you to each and every one of you

for making this year run smoothly. Without your support at home, things would

never have gone as well at school while we were in the classroom or for the

last quarter at home. Although this year ended differently than any of us

planned, we have persevered and have seen so much growth in all the

Kindergarteners. We are extremely proud of each and every one of them and

how they have grown both physically; as well as, mentally! Please enjoy the

attached 2020 Mohawk Kindergarten Never Grow Up Slideshow as a token of

our appreciation and hopefully a nice memory of their first official year of

school at Mohawk. Link:

Please continue to have your child exercise their brain and review skills we

have learned throughout the year a few minutes a day during the summer to

avoid “brain drain”. However, we also believe it is really ok to let your child take

a break this summer and learn from exploring and playing too- we call it

balance! We sent home Summer Learning Mats to complete over the summer in

their baggies of personal belongings. Hopefully you were able to pick them up at

the school this week. They have a quick independent activity for ELA and Math

each day. There is a built-in incentive piece on the mat as well. However, once

the weekly mat is complete, you can do a quick celebration like allowing them to

choose what’s for dinner or playing a game of their choice! We also put digital

copies on the HUB once again and you can print off, if you

prefer. We added additional items in the Summer folder on the HUB as well for

your convenience.

Your child will also be able to access i-Ready and Kids A-Z (also known as

RAZ-Kids) throughout the summer with their current log-in information.

Periodically, have them complete a lesson or work a few minutes reviewing

their Kindergarten sight words, practicing their addition and subtraction facts

and having them read, read, read! The Mohawk Community Library runs a great

summer reading program you should definitely check out.

In closing, we will never forget the class of 2032 and what they have

accomplished. We have worked hard to meet and exceed many of the goals that

we set at the beginning of the year. Have a great summer and we hope we will

all see each other soon!

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Mr. Fortney, Mrs. Fortney and Mrs. Tusing 



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